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Healthy Kids

New studies are confirming what parents have long observed - there is a relationship between what children eat and how they think, act, and learn. Like every other system in the body, the brain needs good food.

Cognitive Skills

School is not the only arena in which children's minds need to be nurtured and expanded. Equally vital is the kind of education and brain building that a student undergoes at home.

College Entrance Prep Exams

We’ve been providing specialized training since 2000 and we are excited to report that our students typically raise their SAT scores 100-150 points and their ACT composite score as much as 10 points.

Tutoring and Homework Help

Make Your Mark in Life is a unique tutorial center providing academic instruction and empowerment coaching for students of all ages.


Learning to read is complex. Students must develop competency in four areas simultaneously: word identification, comprehension, fluency, and motivation.


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Learning Differences


SAT and ACT Exams


Homework Help


Welcome to Make Your Mark in Life

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Whether you are learning to read, need help in a particular course, or seeking the ways to increase your SAT/ACT scores.

Make Your Mark in Life is a unique tutoring center offering every student the opportunity to learn how to do their academic best by focusing on their unique strengths and needs along with the development of their cognitive skills ~ the skills underlying all academic skills.

Goals and lessons are highly individualized and delivered in an encouraging atmosphere. We are especially effective for students who have learning challenges, lack motivation and confidence, or may not learn through traditional methods.

Whether you are learning to read, seeking specific course help, need skills to pass standardized tests or want improved SAT/ACT scores, Make Your Mark in Life is the place for you.

We serve students of all ages, from pre-K to adult, with academic instruction and empowerment coaching, for as long as the student and family wishes.


Call Make Your Mark in Life (772)231-9998

Special Needs Parenting

 Special Needs Parenting

Special Needs Aug

Parenting Special Needs Magazine: Chantai & Tom Snellgrove (residents of Indian River County, FL) created this very special online magazine in 2008.  It is an outstanding resource for the latest and greatest information needed to parent children with special needs.

Key Cognitive Skills that are Critical for Learning

 Key Cognitive Skills that are Critical for Learning

Attention Skills: A student’s ability to attend to incoming information can be observed, broken down into a variety of sub-skills, and improved through properly coordinated training. We train and strengthen the three primary types of attention:

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