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Top Ten Ways to be Happy

Top Ten Ways to be Happy

By: Lenora Boyle

What is happiness, anyway? We all have our own definitions. It could be feeling joyful, optimistic, content, or even just truly relaxed. Some may say that happiness is freedom from the kind of strain or unhappiness they used to feel.

Some folks are not even sure happiness is something they have time for. They may think, “It’s enough to just get through my to-do list every day. I don’t have time to pursue happiness on top of everything else.”

And yet, would these same folks insist that they must strain and feel tense to accomplish their goals? Or might they think they can feel peace of mind, content, yes, even happy, and still succeed in getting everything done?

I believe that everyone wants to feel happier - sometimes they just don’t know where to begin. So here are ten sure-fire ways to increase your happiness quotient - and achieve your goals more easily than before!

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8 Steps Preventing the Flu

8 Steps Preventing the Flu

By Dr. William Sears

Despite the scary headlines, winter flu germs are preventable. We have carefully researched the following steps that families can take to lower their risk of getting the flu in the first place. We call our flu-prevention regimen the outside/inside program: keeping those germs from getting into the body in the first place by careful hygiene; and if they do get in, building the body’s natural immune system to fight these germs so they self-destruct before overwhelming the system.

1. Show me the Science: 

Families are vulnerable to less-than -credible flu-prevention advertising,after all we don’t want our children to miss school, miss sleep, and we don’t want to miss work. If someone advises "Take this..." research the potion by asking two questions: 1) Is there scientific research from credible universities that show the supplement or nutrient gets into the body? 2)Once inside the body, does it strengthen the immune system to fight germs? If the answer is "yes/yes," and it has been proven safe, just take it! The Sears doctors’ promise is that we recommend only flu-prevention remedies that are backed by credible science.

2. Keep the germs away from your body: 

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Children's Health Study

We’re not paying enough attention to nutrition.

healthykidAs parents, we work hard to give our children every possible advantage in life. Yet too often we don't have the time (or don't make the time) to look after their nutritional health. We're too busy. We don't completely understand what eating right means ourselves. And we're battling some pretty formidable enemies such as junk food and fast food.

As a result, our children eat and drink too much sugar, consume too many empty calories, and don't eat enough of the good things they need - especially fresh fruits and vegetables. Because of this, our children will be at risk of developing degenerative diseases such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and stroke at a much younger age.

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Seven Secret Fears About Your Dyslexic Child

Dyslexia Insight #4: Seven Secret Fears About Your Dyslexic Child

By: Ben Foss, Contributing Writer,
Published Date: September 3, 2013

The hardest part about dyslexia is the loneliness. The same is true if you’re the parent of a dyslexic child. Feeling cut off from your friends, your school or, worse, your child, is tremendously painful.

People tend to focus on the functional challenges: spelling tests, chapter books, standardized tests. But it’s the secret fears about how dyslexia will play out that hold us back the most. In writing my book, a plan to help parents of dyslexic kids avoid some of the pitfalls that my parents and I faced, I documented and debunked some of the most common fears. Talking about them with a community you can trust is like putting sunlight on a muddy road. With enough time, the fear will evaporate like the water in the mud and you can begin focusing on how to move forward.

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